when to call it quits on your old front door

when to call it quits on your old front door

3 Reasons Why Street Sweeping Can Sweep You Off Your Feet

Carrie Castillo

Have you ever come across a parking sign that prevents you from parking your car in an area for a specified amount of time? Signs that warn drivers not to park between certain hours of the day are likely there for street sweeping purposes. Although it may seem like an inconvenience, there are at least a few reasons to fall in love with the benefits of street sweeping.

Vehicular Accident Reduction

Littering does more than create an unappealing view. It can also generate a lot of unnecessary expense. Aside from the fact that U.S. taxpayers forked over almost $11 billion in 2014 for street cleaning, littered roadways can also cause expensive and dangerous accidents. Thousands of vehicular accidents that occur throughout the U.S. are related to litter on roadways.

Debris that falls off trucks can create hazards for drivers on the road. Plastic and paper bags caught by the wind can fly up and onto the windshield of a vehicle, thus obstructing the driver's view. Liquids leaked from other vehicles, such as oil, can create slick hazards on roadways. For each piece of trash tossed down onto the road rather than in a trash bin, there is a consequence.

Fortunately, street cleaning can help improve your safety and the safety of other drivers. Large brushes attached to the truck sweep dirt, debris, and trash off the road in order to reduce vehicular accidents. Cleaning solutions often poured from the trucks help remove any dangerous spills on the roadways. One way you can help your city's street department is to report any littered sections of roadway.

Pet Safety Improvement

If you are a pet owner, you will quickly find that street cleaning is of particular importance to you. It is not uncommon for a pet to escape a yard. Perhaps the fence was not sturdy enough to contain your pet. It is also likely that your pet may have broken their leash and run off. Unfortunately, 33% of littering is attributed to food waste in the streets.

A runaway pet may find the taste and smell of littered food waste attractive. If your pet should stop to consume food trash on the side of the road, you run the risk of them consuming something that can make them sick, which could lead to a costly vet bill. You also run the risk that a driver may accidentally strike your pet while they are standing in the road eating discarded food.

Luckily, you can help improve the safety of your pet by ensuring that your trash always makes it into an appropriate bin. You can also ensure that you adhere to all street signs preventing parking during certain hours so that street sweepers can perform their jobs and clean up roadways. A clean roadway may very well save the life of your pet or the life of someone else's pet.

Wildlife Safety Improvement

Do you enjoy a variety of water activities related to fishing and swimming? Did you know that in 2003 approximately 22,000 U.S. bodies of water were considered unsafe according to the Environmental Protection Agency because of littering? The truth is, littering on roadways may also affect lakes, rivers, and oceans, which can prevent you from enjoying both fishing and swimming.

Of the estimated 100 million tons of plastic produced annually, approximately 10% winds up in the ocean. Trash often finds its way into the ocean as a result of runoff. When it rains, trash washes down city streets and into storm sewers. Those storm sewers may very well lead directly to local lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

Trash that enters into sewer systems goes untreated, which then poses significant hazards to local wildlife. Trash in the ocean can threaten the life of marine animals such as fish. Trash floating on the top of the water can pose significant hazards to birds that swoop down and accidentally eat the trash. Fish, birds, and other wildlife cannot determine the difference between food and trash.

Luckily, street sweeping helps reduce the amount of trash that enters local bodies of water. Thanks to their diligence, they can help keep local bodies of water clean and free of trash and harmful chemicals. Essentially street sweepers improve the safety of local wildlife, including marine life. Thanks to their service, they also allow you to continue enjoying a variety of water activities in a clean body of water.

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