when to call it quits on your old front door

when to call it quits on your old front door

From The Showroom To YOUR Home: Innovative Bath And Kitchen Remodeling Products

Carrie Castillo

Are you a homeowner in need of remodeling ideas for your kitchen and bathroom? If so, there are numerous kitchen and bath products that will add luxury and practicality to your everyday living. If you are looking for inspiration, the following is a short list of innovative products for the kitchen and bath that just might fit the bill. Consider these showroom creations:

The Kitchen

The kitchen should provide functionality for meal preparation as well as a warm and inviting place for family and friends to spend time together. Your kitchen showroom gallery may offer the following inspirations for your remodeling project:

  • Innovative Pantry Storage: Check your kitchen showroom for pull-out shelving that may be discreetly hidden when not in use. With built-in vertical shelving, you can store all your canned goods and non-perishable food items, keeping them out of sight if you wish. In addition, look for kitchen island storage solutions at your kitchen showroom. An island with shelves and cubbies is a good way to store or display your cookbooks, too.

  • Frosted Glass Cupboards or Cabinets: Have you ever wished you could showcase your fine china without taking up an entire wall for a bulky china cabinet? With frosted glass cupboards or cabinets, your fine china or collectibles may be neatly displayed. Check your fine kitchen showroom for options. If frosted glass is not your thing, how about installing some floating shelves? Many kitchen showrooms have these on display and you may choose from a variety of colors and styles.

The Bathroom

Are you looking for some luxury products from your bath showroom? Consider the following ideas:

  • A Steam Room Generator: You may have heard about the benefits of a steam bath and how it may improve circulation, promote relaxation and help combat allergy symptoms. Would you like to reap those benefits without having to spend time and money visiting a health spa regularly? If so, you might want to consider installing a steam generator in your bathroom. Check your local showroom dealer to learn about your options.

    Basically, a steam generator will generate steam in the comfort of your own bathroom. A pre-fabricated kit will be easiest to install. The unit has a programmable digital control panel with a long cable and a microprocessor to generate the steam. If you prefer dry heat for your bathroom "spa," you might consider a do-it-yourself sauna kit.

    Keep in mind, if you plan on converting your existing shower head into a steam shower, your shower needs to be heat resistant. Marble or tile showers work best with steam generators. You will also need a sufficient plumbing supply for water connection.

  • A Shower Spa: This is a less expensive alternative that may give you similar benefits of steam, yet it conveniently connects to your existing shower head without complicated alterations or remodeling work. Shower spas have various functions, such as pulse and "rain shower." A stainless steel stretch hose allows the hand held unit to be flexible.

  • A Lighted and Scented Toilet Seat: Now here is a clever invention you might find at your favorite bathroom showroom. Imagine a toilet seat with a carbon filter that releases a fresh scent in your bathroom each time you flush. Unlike deodorizers that only mask unpleasant odors, this innovative product neutralizes the odors. The scented toilet seat utilizes scent packs with various scents. Ask your showroom dealer where you can obtain these packs, as they might sell them or you may purchase them from the manufacturer. Another nice feature of this product is the built in nightlight. If you want to see how this operates, see your showroom dealer.

Look for all the above mentioned products at most bath and kitchen showroom galleries. Because most showrooms will employ knowledgeable and trained staff, your inquiries and concerns may be addressed before you invest in any of the products. Check out a company like Fixture Shop to get started.


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