when to call it quits on your old front door

when to call it quits on your old front door

4 Ways To Create A Maintenance-Free Backyard During The Summer

Carrie Castillo

Owning your own backyard is like having a little piece of paradise where you can relax, take in the weather, and play some summer recreational activities. But, maintaining a backyard lawn often requires a lot of work and time. Instead of putting in so much effort to keep your backyard looking great, you can implement some hassle-free methods that eliminate a lot of the work and still allow you to enjoy your backyard. Browse through the following four methods to create a maintenance-free backyard and help save a lot of time during nice weather months.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

One of the main things that wastes time during the summer is constantly mowing the lawn. As grass grows, you may find yourself mowing the lawn at least once a week to keep it at a comfortable length. Instead of constantly riding or pushing a mower, you can keep the grass trimmed without lifting a muscle. Robotic lawn mowers can be set to automatically mow your lawn. The mowers use electric batteries and are set to run on a perimeter that goes across your whole backyard. With a scheduled time programmed, the mower can leave its charging base, mow the lawn, and then return to the base as needed. Once the initial set up is completed, your lawn will look freshly mowed without any manual labor or wasted time on your part.

Tree Removal

Along with growing grass, backyard trees can create a lot of maintenance during the summer. Leaves, branches, and other debris can create a mess in your backyard. The trees can also attract wild animals that create additional problems for the backyard area. One of the easiest solutions to this is having trees removed from your backyard. A professional tree removal service company can chop down the trees, remove the wood, and grind down the stump so it looks like a tree was never there in the first place. If you still want shady areas in your backyard, then you can seek backyard installations like large patio umbrellas or a gazebo. They can add a good amount of shade without the need for so much maintenance throughout the year.

Fake Turf

Instead of dealing with grass or plants, you can remove them all together with the installation of fake turf. Artificial grass is an ideal replacement for anyone looking to eliminate lawn care work as much as possible. To install the artificial grass, your current lawn would be torn up and left with a dirt or sand base. Then the artificial grass would be layered over a soft base like rubber. Once installed, the grass requires little to no work. Natural rainfall can clean the area, eliminating the need for watering or trimming. The grass will keep its natural green color for numerous years, and the lawn can be used like any type of normal lawn. It can eliminate hours of work each week and still give you a full backyard area to enjoy during the summer.

Expanded Patio Areas

Another option for replacing grass and lawn lawn care is to dramatically expand the patio on your backyard. Cement or stone pavers can expand into your backyard to create a great space for entertaining, relaxing, and setting up various pieces of lawn furniture. The expansion of the patio makes it easy to go out and enjoy the space without any extra work. A draining system can be added to the patio so that rainwater naturally drains away and allows your patio to dry quickly after storms. Along with the main patio section, you can expand areas with stone walkways and rock gardens that require little care after their initial set up.

Contact various landscaping services to complete these changes to your backyard. It can make a big difference on the way your backyard is used throughout the summer.


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when to call it quits on your old front door

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