when to call it quits on your old front door

when to call it quits on your old front door

5 Paint Ideas For A Home Office

Carrie Castillo

If you are one of the many Americans who work from home, then you likely have a home office. Whether your home office is simply a cluttered corner in your living room or an entire room dedicated to your business, it is important to arrange it in a way that will boost your productivity. In order to create the perfect home office space, it is important to start with the perfect paint. There are several ways that your paint choices can affect the atmosphere of your home office. 

Increase Efficiency With Chalkboard Paint or Dry Erase Paint 

Chalkboard paint and dry erase paint are becoming common additions to children's rooms and kitchens. However, they also make a great option for home offices. Both chalkboard paint and dry erase paint tend to be more expensive to purchase and take longer to apply than regular paint, so it is best to use them as an accent. For example, you may create an idea board on one wall or paint the back of a door with one of these paints. 

Keep in mind that you can customize the color of your chalkboard paint or dry erase paint, blending it into the rest of your wall or creating an accent point in your business color scheme. 

Separate Your Space With New Colors

It may be tempting to carry your current color scheme throughout your entire house, including in your office. However, it is important to have a distinct separation between your home space and your work space, and choosing a fresh, new color can create that visual distinction. This is especially helpful if your home office is part of a larger room. By painting it a different color and putting up a privacy screen or separating the space with a bookshelf, you can create a completely separate area for your business. 

Create Your Work Persona With Appropriate Color Choice

You probably already know that colors affect humans on a primal, physiological level. It is important to consider what type of business persona your work requires and choose an appropriate color for it. For example, consider whether you need aggressiveness, creativity, concentration, or serenity in your work and then select a color that encourages those emotions.

You should keep in mind that using accent colors can help you blend your color persona. For example, you may need to be a bit aggressive during sales calls, but most of the time you need to concentrate. You might select a red trim and a white or cream base color. 

Be Aware of How the Finish Affects Your Work Style 

It is not only color that will affect your working persona. The finish of the paint can contribute to your general mood as well. High-gloss paints tend to make people more hyper and aggressive whereas matte paints have a more calming affect. 

Protect Your Health By Choosing Low-VOC Paints

Selecting low-VOC paints for your entire home is a good idea. However, it is especially important in your home office, where you will likely be spending several hours each day. While regular paints may not give off chemicals forever, they often shed VOCs for months after a paint job is completed. Also, home offices tend to be smaller rooms with smaller windows and less ventilation than other rooms in a home. So it is important to select a low-VOC alternative if you plan to use your office as soon as it is painted. 

Paint choices can greatly affect your entire home. It is important to consider the environment you are trying to create in each room and choose appropriate paints. For additional advice and help with painting your home office, contact an interior painting service like Carvey Painting & Decorating Inc.


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when to call it quits on your old front door

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