when to call it quits on your old front door

when to call it quits on your old front door

Heating Improvements By Replacing Radiators For Your Home Renovations

Carrie Castillo

The heating in your home is costly, and old heating solutions are outdated and inefficient. Even if you have a boiler, there are some improvements that can be done, such as replacing old radiators with floor heating. Floor heating can be costly, but there are many options to help you reduce the cost, such as using plastic tubes or only installing floor heating in certain areas. Here are some of the things that will need to be done to add radiant heating to your home:

1. Removing the Old Flooring to Prepare Your Home for Radiant Tubes

The first thing that will need to be done when converting to flooring heating is removing the old floors. You will want to strip the floors down to the subflooring and do any repairs that may be needed. Once the floors are stripped and repaired, make sure to clean them and check that everything is level. For concrete, you can use a floor leveling mortar to correct issues. If you are installing over wood floor structures, you will want to repair with problems using wood strips.

2. Installing the Underlayments And Tubes That Will Make the Radiant Heat

When the floor is level, you may need to install an underlayment. On concrete floors, this will be the same mortar that the tubes are placed in. On wood floor systems, there are special wood underlayments with cutouts that flexible tubes are installed in. Plastic tubes are a good choice for installations on wood surfaces, and they can cost less than conventional flexible copper tubes.

3. Covering the New Radiant Floor Tubes with New Flooring

Once the tubes have been installed for your new radiant heating, you will be ready to have floors installed. With radiant tubes, you do not want to use any flooring that needs to be nailed down or might puncture the tubes. If you want to use hardwood flooring, newer engineered products can be a good choice for radiant heating. Other materials that work well with radiant tubing include tile and lightweight concrete. Carpet and laminates are not a good choice for radiant flooring because they do not disperse heat well and can be damaged under the high temperatures of the flooring.

Radiant heating is efficient, but can be improved with floor heating upgrades if you have radiators. Contact a remodeling contractor such as Renew Construction, LLC to help with removal of old radiators, preparing and installing new floors. 


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when to call it quits on your old front door

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