when to call it quits on your old front door

when to call it quits on your old front door

New Drilling And Blasting Technologies Make Exploration Cheaper And Safer

Carrie Castillo

Drilling and blasting was once considered an art form. However, as new technologies develop, the process of drilling and blasting is becoming more of a science. New technologies allow for miners to choose the right blasting technologies for achieving fragmentation goals. Miners find it easier to choose the right drill patterns. Also, selecting the right delay timing can allow miners to achieve the right starting point for improving a blast.

Analyzing Pre-Blast and Post-Blast Data

To engineer the right blasts, miners rely on software that analyzes both pre-blast profiles and post-blast analysis of fragments. Drilling and blasting technologies can gather data using laser range finders and face profilers. This allows for miners to maximize job safety and also allows for the blast design to be better controlled. This is essential when selecting the right explosives and when setting up the blast design. This approach is more efficient and is cost-effective. 

Achieving the Right Fragmentation

To achieve the perfect fragmentation, miners must use the right bulk explosive in the borehole and must use sophisticated tools to control the charging operations. All of these systems are linked together using GPS systems and bi-directional radio communication. This allows for all of the tools to be linked in an automated fashion. All of the equipment can be stored on a bulk loading truck. The GPS allows for the truck to know the exact coordinates of the blastholes that must be loaded. The computing system on the truck then allows for trucks to accurately load holes based on the operating conditions.

Taking Out the Guesswork

Thanks to computer-aided blast design, miners no longer have to rely on trial-and-error to create the right blast design. After creating the borehole, a boretrack system uses gravity sensors and other instruments to acquire a three-dimensional model of the hole that can be viewed on a laptop. Laser systems can determine the volume of broken rock. This data can help excavators operate more efficiently. 

GPS systems allow for drills to download maps so they can effectively drill holes into the soil when exploring. Therefore, engineers are better able to guide the drill to the desired location.

Hiring Professionals with the Right Equipment

Because of the equipment that is necessary to safely and efficiently perform drilling and blasting operations, businesses should consider hiring contractors who specialize in providing these services, such as 3 - Rivers, Inc., Drilling & Blasting. That way, customers can avoid having to purchase the necessary equipment. 


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when to call it quits on your old front door

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